Limited good news on Amped Electra

I am a bit cheesed off. I installed Amped Electra and registered it and now thatere are conflicts with the elicenser and I keep getting a message that licenses and content cannot be found including stuff that I have been using for ages. This means that C12 now hangs on shutdown, which is very annoying. Possibly I have done something wrong.

I am afraid that Stenberg has to sort out the issues of having some products licensed with the eLicenser and Cubase 12 being licensed independently.

What do I do about the Amped Electra? I am thinking that I am going to uninstall as I was not that impressed with it.

Please make sure that you have updated HALion Sonic SE to the latest version.


I have which is why it is working. However. it is the other issues that have bothered me. It is licensed on the elicenser. I keep get a window coming up about not being able to locate content. I selected a drive that I have been using for Halion content, which has been fine in the past…

I will uninstall and see if that puts me back to where I was before. It is strange as I followed all the instructions when downloading and installing.

I have reinstalled C12 and after a reboot of my computer C12 now loads. Things seem to be back to normal. The project that had been hanging on shutdown now shuts down but I haven’t been working with it. I guess I will be keeping an eye on this. I have not had issues like this before.
I had the up to date activation manager. I had load the required Halion update and the content was in the right location. So I am not sure what I did wrong.

Make sure that you have Steinberg Activation Manager 1.4.0 or later installed. If you have an USB-eLicenser dongle, please make sure that it’s plugged in correctly, or try another USB port. Run the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button to the top right.

Open the Steinberg Library Manager and make sure that everything has been installed correctly, including Amped Elektra.

Open Windows’ “Apps and Features” and uninstall Halion Sonic SE and any Steinberg software that you do not have a license for.

Now run the Steinberg Download Assistant, click “Cubase Pro 12” and download and install Halion Sonic SE 3.5.10 from there.

Please take screenshots of your eLicenser and content errors if they persist.

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See above. Thanks.

Unfortunately the “content” issue has resurfaced along with the freezing/hanging.

Mmmmmm! Not much good this. Not conducive to doing any work.

How do you uninstall Amped Electra and the Halion update? All the issues have come after the installation.

Please take a screenshot of the content error message. It’s unlikely that uninstalling Amped Elektra is the right fix for it.


Thanks. Yes this what I have been thinking. What has been troubling me is why I’m getting the close down menu hang. I have not had this for a long time. C9 I think.
Surely it is not a coincidence that something happened when I installed Amped Electra. Perhaps something I did in the wrong order, or some license conflict that was introduced?

At the moment the error message window is not appearing at the minute. However, on more than one occasion it included everythin install for Halion SE.

Same problem here. Amped Elektra correctly installed and licensed, following the instruction described before. But as soon as I disconnect the dongle, running cubase 12 pro generates the message about license problem. Dunno what I could do.

That would be because you need the dongle to run Amped Electra. It is the flaw in the new system. You can run Cubase 12 without the Dongle but all the other Steinberg software you have purchased needs the dongle. So if you use this software with Cubase you need the dongle. Brilliant isn’t it?

Transitions always imply problems. Big or small problems. To me, this is a big one.
Simply, if Halion is the engine to have Amped Elektra available, it should be enough having Halion licensed and running without the dongle to have Amped Elektra available automatically. Current double licensing is a stupid duplicate. It is a redundancy that likely implies problems.


The license for Amped Elektra can only reside on the USB dongle. You have to have the dongle plugged in.
Personally I removed Amped Elektra again from my computer as this would be the only product for which I need the dongle. I rather wait until the product will work with the new license scheme.

Not true. It can be activated to a Soft-eLicenser.

Ok, looks like it. Then I don’t know why @DONG_SHIK_SHIN and myself get the error message when starting Cubase.

I wasn’t sure how to uninstall Amped Electra so I deleted the files via the Content Installer. However rebooting Cubase threw up the missing content window. I rebooted the computer and things seem back to normal. I am hoping the hang on exit will be a thing of the past. Unless I have not uninstalled Amped Electra. Any info on that anyone?

It looks like you chose to put the license on a USB-eLicenser. Unfortunately, it can’t be moved to a Soft-eLicenser after that action has taken place. The current Steinberg licensing situation is a total mess, for sure.