Limited mixdowns Cubase Elements 8 LE

Hi, I have Cubase Elements 8 LE and I get a notice telling me I have a limited number of mixdowns left before X date. How do I remove this limitation - do I have to upgrade?

I’m sure someone will correct me if I am wrong but, the way I read the info in this link, the Cubase AI/LE versions require the .mp3 patch. But, it doesn’t specifically list Cubase Elements LE. So please make sure exactly which version you have.

Regards. :sunglasses:

To be clear…you don’t NEED the mp3 patch. (assuming this is the problem which seems likely)

You can still export to wav and convert to mp3 with other software.

I must ask if you would rather a free MP3 converter over the Steinberg $15 one?

I personally would suggest paying for the integrated version…

I already have the integrated as I use Pro but I still make Mp3s outside of Cubase in a free convertor because:

Lame is arguably the best sounding mp3 encoder and certainly no worse the Fraunhoefer that Sb use (I think that’s still the case)
(TBH with higher bitrates used nowadays they all sound good but for low bitrate files Lame was always the king)

  1. Transcoding from a master wav (which I will always want anyhow) is faster than running a whole other export audio mixdown as Cubase doesn’t (yet) do any kind of multi format export.

Because of no 2. integration is not helpful (for me) in any way. I guess if you are regularly exporting reference mixes to mp3 it could be useful.