Limited Premature Release

I had such high hopes after watching that promo video. I really thought I would be able to switch from Cubase to VST Live. There are so many things about VST Live that I love and I think have such great potential but there are so many basic functions that it can’t even do:

  • Can’t move a MIDI event from a MIDI track to a Sampler track (or copy/paste). When I import a MIDI file it only imports into a new MIDI track.
  • Doesn’t import MIDI file properly. MIDI notes are all messed up.
  • Can’t re-order tracks by dragging (or any other way?).
  • The few available keyboard shortcuts seem to be locked to only certain section. For example, Ctrl+D only duplicates a part. You can’t use it to duplicate a MIDI/audio event, or a chord.
  • Can’t Alt+Drag something to copy or Ctrl+D to duplicate.
  • Zooming in is possible ONLY by clicking and moving the slider at the bottom right. No Ctrl+Scrollwheel.
  • Can’t change tempo or time signature within a song. (Tempo/Time signature changes are very common even in pop, and especially for live shows.)
  • Not even a basic contextual right click menu?
  • No tutorials. I know they’re coming, but this just makes me wonder if it was a rushed release.
  • And biggest of all: Can’t edit MIDI data. Have to create and edit MIDI in another DAW, export, import, and if I notice there’s something I need to tweak (no matter how minor the tweak) I have to go back to the DAW, edit, export and import all over again.

I understand if this app was meant for amateurs/enthusiasts but it’s clearly being marketed for professional use, and it is severely limited for professional use beyond a simple VST host and backing track player.

That being said, I love that Steinberg is getting into the live performance game, and there is clearly a great problem-solving approach from the Steinberg team with this app. I’m sure you have features planned for future updates. But the question is when can we expect any of these features to be implemented?

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This is not Cubase. Live apps usually have a backing-tracks player, but are not intented to be fully-fledged recording workstations.

  • move events is well possible
  • import midi file works fine here, pls. provide sample midi file that doesn’t
  • reorder tracks by dragging - true, sorry, coming
  • shortcuts will be extended significantly soon, incl. remote and MIDI control of all actions
  • alt/drag to copy also true, also sorry, also coming
  • same for ctrl/scrollwheel
  • context menus are available for most objects already (Song, Part, Layer…) with more to come
  • MIDI data edit has been discussed elsewhere. This is a player; you can record and edit events plus im/export which already extends that, with more to come.

Well, that is the first and foremost purpose of VST Live :slight_smile:
Yes, features planned and in the making already. When? We plan to provide some initial updates very soon (after all, this is version 1.0…), then additional features. The Modules are something worth to explore meanwhile.