limited surround options

Why is it that Reaper, which costs way less than Cubase, has all the options in the world for doing multispeaker surround mixing and Cubase has very limited surround options. Cubase goes only to max 6 channels.
In Reaper you can have a track with max 64 channels.

But of course you have the options to go down the nuendo road. And pay 1800. Which is not an option for me.

I think these specs are a bit outdated.

Steinberg could you please make the amount of channels at least up to 8?



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you have the budget to buy 8 good monitors and a proper room to have a correct multicanal mixing environment and not the budget to buy nuendo… I am a litlle confused here … unless it is for live applications… :slight_smile:

(I have nothing against cubase having more surround possibilities)

Yes I have the room, the space, and the monitors. But not the budget for Nuendo + NEK (not much change from $3000). And I’d prefer to have the newer features of C6. Nuendo is always behind Cubase in this regard.

7.1 means budding gaming/multimedia producers working their way up, wouldn’t have to fork out $2700 (for Nuendo + NEK) on top of the monitors, space and acoustic treatment, etc.

It’s not a priority for me. I don’t have gaming companies beating my door down insisting on 7.1 right now. But i’d like 7.1 as an option just in case.

It’s not a question if I have the money, but if this kind of trivial functionality is worth so much money.

does anyone know if Steinberg reads these forums?

I’m very curious about what their perspective on this would be.

It depends… First it is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from trivial.

Hosts like Reaper give you multi-channel … but it is not surround in the “standards” based meaning of the word. There are significant issues involved with panner controls and channel interactions that go way beyond just adding another lane of audio.

Go look around at other hosts and see which ones have 7.1 support. Not 8 channel support, but Dolby or DTS-HD 7.1 support.

Now after saying all of that, I’d love to have it in Cubase. But, I understand completely why it’s a Nuendo feature.