Limited text labels at "layer screen"

Dear VST Live Team,
I just recornized that the text labels of each layer-element at the layer overview screen is currently limited to a fix lenghs so that it is sometimes hard to differenciate between different layers (which have a dedicated lenght).

Might it be possible to implement an scalable view which is using the available space of a screen to show better the layer content?

Below please find an example screenshot with some remarks:

Thanks for your great support & a short feedback regarding to this topic.

Kind regards

… good one, @SKO. We will take care of it,

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… we’ve added some more room for the name of layer, stack and module. Please check the next version.


Thanks Michael,

thanks for solving this topic.

I just successfully re-tested for following 2 use cases:
a) my small “live notebook” (which is quite small) and
b) my secondary monitor in my Studio (which is huge)
In both cases it worked perfectly.

Thanks again for your great support :slight_smile: