Limited Time Use?

I recently bought Elements 8. Early on I used an Arab Bass pattern that was in, I think Halion, somewhere. When I go in Media Bay, most things now seem to be locked. Was I given a limited time to taste certain things or is there some way these things could get locked through something I did. I still have the bass loop in a track in one project, but I cannot seem to refind it or similar types of loops.
If it was just a short time taste thing, are there other things I have now lost?


There are some Trial licenses and Trial software. Maybe you installed some of them, for example HALion Sonic 2. There is only HALion Sonic SE license in Cubase.

OK. I only had Halion sonic not 2, at least there was just the one in instruments. But then recently I seem to have lost access to a lot of presets and loops, etc.
Not a great feeling to lose them without notice. Not the best marketing either. Would have been good if from the beginning I knew what was a trial and what was not. Then I can make sure to test things, but assume they are part of what I paid for… I just found some things randomly, in Media Bay, and while it seems like it was nice they were there, it is hard to know if it is worth whatever they cost. I suppose I could have missed some explanation somewhere, but it wasn’t clear.

My take on it anyway.

Agreed that it should be more clear. And that is actually great ‘marketing’ even if it was a ruse for you.

You must though understand why C8 Elements costs less than the full version. Like a drug dealer, the first one is free. Then you come back for more. Ha ha!

Kidding aside it is presented what is trial and what is included. But it does take some research to find out what version of Cubase has which abilities.

Overall I am simply amazed by what I can do with cubase. I was working with a real old competitor’s program and I feel like I have been transported into a magical future. I say this meaning, it’s not that big a deal to me. But what I meant by poor marketing was that if I had known what was only short term, I would have explored it more. As it happens I just randomly plucked one loop while I was just trying to get a hang of making tracks from various sources. Now I really don’t know what I am missing.

Better marketing, to my mind, encourages me to try the stuff I soon will lose - and is very clear what and where it is - and how I can easily upgrade to it. I don’t need this last information now, plenty to suss out before I starting adding things.

From my side I spent quite a bit of time trying to find the same loop and others like it, and the to place it in a track. I kept assuming I was making mistakes, since I do that all the time at this point in the process. Finally I noticed the locks on the right and realized my problem might have nothing to do with my slow learning curve. That time, well, it was mine.

But again, I am a very happy customer overall.