Limiter last in chain vs Master channel

Is there any difference between putting a limiter last in the chain of effects (in the mastering project-mixed down version) vs putting it on the master channel of a mixdown?


you mean to put it as last plug-in in the channel or put it on master? Yes, it’s different. If you put it to the master, it limits whole mix.

Btw: Last Inserts (i8) pro pre-fader. The fader value doesn’t affect the effect.

…but in the mixed-down project, as when I’m “trying” to master. Is there any difference in putting it last in the effects chain versus the master channel.

well you may not want to “try to master” after loudness limiting!

Depends on where “last in the effect chain” is, and on which bus you export…

Ok, thanks everyone…i suppose my questions are really nube sounding, and I’m not framing them correctly. :smiley: