Limiter plugin clipping and CC editor cost Cubase crash AND ARA2

Hi!when I update to cubase 11.0.41,I have encountered some problems in using the software

1.Limiter does not work properly,when I raise the input level,The output level is limited below -0.5db. I heard clipping,But the meter is normal,I Replaced the plug-in with waves L1,L2,they worked just fine. I’m not sure if Limiter is the only one with this problem

2.Sometimes, when I try to edit the CC controller, the software crashes directly. In fact, I have this risk when editing any interface, and I hope you can find the root of it。

  1. When I upgraded to Cubase 11.0.41, I also encountered clipping sound when using spectral layer in DAW, which drove me crazy. I hope you can fix these problems with a small patch as soon as possible.

My computer system is MacOS 12 and the audio interface is RME UFX II

This is no problem… since the Waves and the Steinberg Limiter work slightly different, it is normal that they have different results…

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Please, make dedicated entries for every single case.

Could you attach the *.crash or *.ips file, please? Could you be more specific, how exactly do you edit the CCs? In the Key Editor? Manually (drawing) or do you use the smart tools to change the CCs or any Logical Editor Preset? Do you use curves in the CCs?


I’m sorry I didn’t save the crash report file,I’ll save it the next time it happens.But I do remember a crash when I tried to edit the CC controller with either the Pencil tool or the parabola tool.Especially when I edit the CC controller for strings instruments.

I’m talking about very severe clipping sound, the level just got a little bit closer and then it sounded like it wasn’t using Limiter, which never happened when I was using the old version of Cubase11.

What you mean with

The Limiter is a dynamic processor that limits the level of a signal to a given amount, not preventing it from distortion… this is your responsibility with the parameters of all processes set accordingly…
Wrong settings could distort the signal.


You can find the crash file in the macOS Console utility.

I am a producer and I know how to use Limiter properly for 5 years, ok.This is a bug. I can’t explain why my old projects using limter are also starting to clipping, they used to be fine.

Cubase 11-2022-01-08-004239.crash (285.8 KB)
Cubase 11-2022-01-13-111924.crash (57.6 KB)


So these are the *.ips files and you rename them to be able to upload them, right?


Yes, I renamed them because I found I couldn’t upload them