Limiting Automation steps

Hello All,

I am a new user to CuBase, have been using Ableton for a long time and wanted to thread new ground. I like CuBase it has a great feel to it and the sound engine is impeccable. I have been, as most people who change DAW’s or any type of software for that matter, trying to get used to how CuBase does things that Ableton does. They both of course have their pro’s and con’s but this post is not a comparison. What I am hoping to find is a way to limit the stepping of an automation point on an automation track for a piece of audio. I have done quite a bit of googling, a lot of searching in this forum and I have also read page 227 - 243 in the manual however I have not found a way to accomplish what I want.

I can explain it how Ableton does it…basically when you select an automation point and darg the mouse up and down (depending on the parameter) it will take large steps…e.g. volume will step in 3db’s, however if you want to minimise the amount that it steps you can hold the shift key down and it will step in 1db’s. In CuBase it seems to only step in large amounts and I am unable to control the changes to a granularity I like.

Is there a setting in CuBase whereby the level of change of an automation step as you mouse it up and down can be limited?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you have snap enabled.

Hey Tom,

Thanks for the reply mate. I have checked and nope I dont have snap enabled. Thats the toolbar icon that looks like two angle parentheses facing each other is that correct?

So basically when I grab a volume automation point and drag mouse up it jumps from -3.25 to -2.66 there is no inbetween?

I would like to be able to drag an automation point and set it at say -3db not -2.99 :slight_smile: if you know what I mean. Maybe its a small case of OCD but that .01 means a lot…

Thanks again for the help mate.


Vertical scaling?

Either enlarge the automation track or enable the info line and type the value in directly

Does scale change while losing shift while adjusting it like it does on the fader you’re actually automating?

I honestly don’t use it much. Mackie control sets levels during the mix…and by the time I’m setting automation up, it’s again–Mackie control in touch/write…then edit that if needed with a mouse. But, holding shift while adjusting a lot of Cubase will change the speed/scale of the movement.