Limiting in a Surroundsession


let me ask you how you guys do limiting in a 5.1-Session?

Since you cannot insert plugins in a multimono-style (like in PT), I can not use L2 or L3 in a Nuendo-Session. Do you all have the L360-Bundle or do you use any other “real” 5.1-Limiter?

Thanks for input,

Nuendo Brickwall limiter. More or less the best sounding Brickwall limiter out there.
If you want to use individual plugins, you can do that in the surround routing of the plugins.


Same here.

I’ve spend lots money on high end Compressors and Limiters but find myself now using mostly the Nuendo Comp & Limiter.
They sound great!!!

Thank you for your hints, I will test the Brickwall!

Used the L360 in the past, but do not have a license of this here at the moment, so I was curious…


Agreed - the bundled Brickwall limiter is just fine.
Multi-mono is not really the best way to go for this, or you can end up with image skewing if for example the front left clamps down hard on a transient & the front right is left alone.
You should also find that a limiter is only needed during setup if you get the gain structure right - once you get into the details it should barely be getting touched, and for the final export it should even be safe to leave it off altogether.