Limiting the audio output for HALion 4 to 16 outputs

In my composer i can only use a VSTi with a maximum of 32 audio outputs ( 16 midi stereo channels than )
Currently HALion 4 has 70 audio outputs ( left channel+ right channel… stereo ) --> how to restrict the HALion 4 output to 16 midi channels ?

Note1: The composer what i use has a maximum of 16 midi channels
Note2: HALion Sonic seems to be normal working in the composer, because it has a max of 16 outputs ( for 16 midi channels )

So i must set Halion 4 in the “HAlion Sonic mode” ?

I guess you mix something completely up.
Halion has 32 mono (16 stereo) outputs. Those
are AUDIO outputs. There are only 16 Midi channels.
And none of them is mono or stereo.

My composer says that it has too many outputs [70] = ( + 64 + surround)… i think
The composer accepts a max of 32 outputs…that makes me think that this is 16 midi channels ( the composer has also 16 midi channels ), but HALion has 32 midi channels+ surround i thought … to much for the composer
I thought that the output busses are 32 midichannels than ( 32x2=64 )+suround channels
But it is a assumption, so than i must read the manual again
A mono left + right audio channels = 1 stero audio channel ?