Limits; a new song for these strange times

Just finished this recording today. First new thing in a while. Title is inspired by what we’ve all been living with always to some degree, but to a much greater extent in the last year or so.
This was done using real guitars tuned in DADGAD tuning, a fretless Fender Jazz Bass, and Halion, Retrologue, Groove Agent and other things in Cubase Pro 10.5. The guitars and bass all benefitted from the Line 6 Helix Native plug-in.
Putting 2 links to the song here. The first is to Bandcamp. I believe the audio experience is better there, but I know the download fee threat (which isn’t there until the 3rd listen) scares some people away from going there. That’s why there’s a 2nd link to the same tune on soundcloud.
Hoping anyone taking a listen might appreciate the track in some way, and I’m happy to hear any constructive criticism you might care to offer.

Hi Sir Swetch !

First of all, it’s You. I really enjoyed the harmonies and the moves of the melodies. I’ve linked the song to some Pentangle songs.
Conversation between Bass and Guitars is working well, and i also enjoyed the pads behind (perhaps little bit too loud sometimes on the right side particularly, but …anyway).

By the way, I was surprised by your last note.

PS : Yes, Bandcamp seems also better to me, more clarity & balanced (less High freqs). I would encourage all to go bandcamp to have a better experience for that one!

Seems to me you’re onto something from 60’s or 70’s, where the players improvise where it’s going to go. Which I love. Really enjoyed it.

Thanks so much for giving me a listen again, and for your ability to be so positive in what you say. Glad to take in your impressions, and you’re definitely dead on in that 60’s-70’s ethos impacting what I try to do musically. It’s a happy zone for me quite often in my writing, playing, and listening.

Thanks for the listen, and the kind words. Very pleased to see a comparison to Pentangle. If I’m anywhere in their realm, this came out well. Good point too on the synth pads. I’ll give it another listen, and see how I like it with them lower in the mix. I hope that last note was a “good” surprise. “The sound of surprise” is a description of Jazz that I’ve always loved. I know this tune isn’t exactly a jazz tune, but glad to come in on the “unexpected” side with a musical performance.

Here’s a new link to this on soundcloud. I’d taken down the mix that was there and replaced it, and that deleted possibilities to listen to it there.
FWIW, the mix in the bandcamp link is now a bit different too. Both are clearer overall, and more impactful than what was originally upped in January.