Limits on bottom margin of flow header

When I try to change the bottom margin for an individual instance of a flow header, I hit a limit of 35.27mm. Why is that? I need it to be a bit bigger than that.

Flow headings cannot be any larger than half the height of the current page size. Perhaps that is the limitation you’re running up against?

No, it’s definitely not even close to half the page size.

Are you referring to the Heading bottom margin option in the Insert Flow Heading Change dialog? If so, then there’s a limitation of 99pt on the values of the top and bottom margin spin boxes in that dialog. We will increase that maximum value in a future version. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Perhaps there’s another way to help you achieve the result you’re after. Can you say more about why you need to set such a large bottom margin for your flow heading?

Ah yes that’s it. When I switched the unit of measure to points, the spin box read 99.99pt. That, at least, makes some degree of sense.

The first system in the particular flow has a large block of staff attached text (dialog leading into the song). That was crashing into the header. Moving that system didn’t work, as it dragged the header along with it. Adding a large bottom margin to the flow header worked well enough. With the margin maxed out the text does fit. I just wanted a bit more space for esthetic reasons, and was extremely puzzled by what appeared to be an arbitrary limit.

You can use the staff handle (the smaller handle below the big system handle) to move the top staff without moving the flow heading with it, I believe.

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Well how 'bout that, you’re right. Never even thought to try it. Thanks.

Also, if you add a page override to that page, the staff will move independent from the flow header.