Line 6 FBV Express ii, Helix Native, Generic Remote

Soooooo, bought the Line 6 FBV Express ii to control Helix Native volume / wah, same for AmpliTube, but specifically Helix Native.

Have tried to configure using Generic Remote following the instructions that Line 6 posted specifically for Cubase, I am getting nowhere. Essentially, is there a way to configure the FBV so that any VST Insert plugins can see the incoming MIDI data and using MIDI learn to quickly capture and assign it to whatever parameter needed?? Obviously this happens with instrument / midi tracks, but with audio inserts, I’m lost.

Cubase is receiving MIDI data from the FBV, the display shows its receiving it, so that’s not the issue.

I am not great with MIDI, but understand about routing, well, so I thought! Any help greatly received.


Asked in another group and got pointed in the direct of this video and boom, straight off, working. In wah wah heaven now.