line break in instrument names

I found out, that I can have line breaks in the instument names on divisi staves (see picture). Very nice!
I there also a way to get a line break into a single line instrument now (solo or section)?
staff labels.PNG

Please see here.

Sorry, I’ve missed that thread. So much have been written after the arrival of Dorico 2 …
Thanks! Hope it won’t take to long.

I hope some day it will also be able to rotate the text!


I can’t wait to make my instrument names upside down just to mess with players’ heads.

Well, you could use Finale for that purpose, couldn’t you?

I don’t think Finale can do that either. :slight_smile:

So Finale actually can do that (though it’s an absolute headache). See attachment (sorry it’s blurry/small. The original pdf got corrupted and I only have the thumbnail handy at the moment).

That said, Eddo’s “purpose” for which someone might use Finale, I think was to mess with players heads, not do upside down text :wink:

That was Derrek’s purpose, not mine :wink:

I wouldn’t use rotation for proper scoring, rather for diagrams where necessary / appropriate in teaching.
And I wouldn’t go so far as to expect being able to write in circles (that’s not what I meant with “rotation”) like in the screenshot, although I’m impressed that this is possible. Some straight text at an oblique angle like the style indication in fake books (slow swing, bossa etc.) would be nice. Of course I wouldn’t object if the DDT (Dorico Dream Team) implemented text that follows paths… like in graphics and dtp software.
There are other things on my top priority list though.

Thanks for that fancy picture :smiley:


Fwiw, you can’t do “circles” in Finale. The staff is a custom drawn expression, but everything else is some sort of font element rotated at a custom angle (using the custom line tool). When you do enough of those right next to each other all at slightly different angles, it can be made to look like a circle. Definitely a workaround if I’ve ever seen one.

So actually, were Dorico ever to implement rotatable text (or any other element for that matter) even without following paths (though I agree, at some point that would be nice) without having to dig into the deep dark recesses of a seldom used custom tool, it’d already be a major improvement over what’s possible elsewhere.

A little example from Richard Strauss. That’s what I would line to be able to do.

Perfect example.
Or this:
Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-02 um 21.36.04.png