Line break in layout title

I need to have a line break in a layout title. I copied and pasted a line break from another program, but now the second line is mostly invisible, other than the vary top of a tall character, which can be seen.

You will likely have to enlarge your text frame vertically on the Master Page to fit two lines into the layout name box.

I tried that. It did not work.

It should. You must have other line breaks, rather than just one.

It’ll work if a) you’ve applied the master page edit to the right master page (in addition to or instead of the left master page) and b) you don’t already have overrides on the actual page.

Derek and Leo–

Why wouldn’t it work adequately on the actual page. Why does it have to be on the master?

It’ll work fine on the actual page, but if there happen to be multiple layouts then the work will have to be done multiple times.