Line break in Track Name

Is there anyway of inserting a line break in the track name for the sole purpose of having it displayed on two lines in the Mixer?

Win10, Cubase 12 Pro.

Edit: Added feature-request tag.

I know you can enter a series of space characters to force a line break in the Mixer but the number of space characters needed will be dependent on the channel width. It also doesn’t look great in the Project Window.

I didn’t know about the space characters…but I agree, it is ugly. But line breaks don’t seem to be possible, I’ve tried copy and paste from an editor as well as entering the codes via ALT+numpad, doesn’t work. CR/LF will be filtered.

@fese These are my exact findings as well. Just wanted to see if anyone might have found a different work-around. Thanks.
I’ll add the feature-request tag.