Line breaks in instrument names?

How do I enter line breaks in instrument names? The usual suspects (return key, shift-return, alt-return, \n, \r, \n) didn’t work. I need to do this: (see attached image)
Ohne Titel 2.png

Easy answer: you cannot! Not yet. We are waiting for an update on the labelling (and bracketing) field, I am quite confident it will fill our needs. By now, the only thing you can do is use system text, once you’re done with editing your score (because it could move your text if you edit afterwards). Alt-clicking should speed up the process.

But the above mentioned issue is more a matter of collapsing multiple players into one staff, so the ideal solution wouldn’t be to superficially change the functionality of the labels/brackets but to implement this collapsing functionality. I seem to remember having read somewhere that this is on the roadmap. I could use it myself to combine french horn voices, as is often done in classical scores for symphony orchestras.

There was a thread somewhere (here or on FB?) suggesting using the divisi function to create that kind of SATB labeling, you could try that.

Sounds logical that the labeling might be part of bigger features, but even for a single instrument staff it might be necessary to have


The thing with Dorico is that it does what it does so fantastically well that we users cannot restrain ourselves from workarounds. It’s simply worth it. I did a score where I had to manually write text for Cor. (D) on two lines. I don’t regret it.

The Reduce function is being worked on but is very complex to implement, if I recall correctly. It will be there, but we have to wait some time before it is available… I hope that the labelling function will be available sooner, as this kind of labelling is used in other occasions — I think of operas where the chorus is labeled soprano tenor bass and altogether soldiers or dancers or whatever the role they play…