line breaks in project info text

I am including the poet’s credit text in the copyright info, so that it appears at the beginning of each piece (each flow). It takes two lines, with 3 words on the following line. I’d like to use a line break in the middle so that it is more centered.

It just occurred to me that I can go into the layout and narrow the text box. Is that the expected way to handle this?

Why not just put a line break where you want it in the project info item?

Right! All the other fields were one-line fields. I thought I tried it and it didn’t work. It works now. Thanks.

This issue has been talked about before. If you need a line break in one of the fields that does not support line break in Project Info:

  1. open your Operating System text editor,
  2. enter a hard return,
  3. copy it,
  4. paste it into the Project Info field

This works for me! David