Line Editor - special trill line?

Hello, I am trying to make a line like this one:

special trill line

In the line editor I would use these two elements, if possible:

Is there someone, who could kindly assist with the procedure?
So far I have not managed (this does not mean much though).
Is it possible to make lines of this kind in Dorico’s line editor?

Yes, with repeatable symbols in the Line Body editor inside the Line Editor.
You might first have to add the first symbol in Engrave mode → Repeatable Synbols.
Then in the Line Body Editor → Repeatable symbols, use Add to start for the first symbol and add to middle and end for the wiggly line.


Thank you Jesper,
I managed the first step, putting the start symbol to Repeatable Symbols.
In Line Body Editor I am stuck though, I can start with the new symbol as start cap. Then when changing the continuation line to wiggly, the start symbol is gone.
Is there a place I could possibly read about the procedure?
Thank you again.

ps: I watched Anthony Hughe’s video description of the Line Editor - may be I have to play it back at half speed. A lot of information in one spot…

You don’t use start or end cap, it’s all done in the Line Body Editor.
Category ->Repeatable symbols. See the S and E in the example.
Down in the left corner-> Add to start etc…


Thank you Jesper, I managed to get the two things together in the Line Body Editor.
Still I can’t find the place where I can edit the exact size and position between the two elements:
a line

I think you have to find a wiggly line that fits the initial symbol in the Repeatable symbols editor. Maybe scale down the size of the first symbol.
I doesn’t seem that changing the position there have any impact.


:man_facepalming:t3: I lost my regular Wiggly Line:
It seems my experiments confused the application, this is how it looks - and I can not delete it:

In the Line Body editor you can delete the start symbol. You should have used the + sign to create a new Line body instead of changing an existing one. Anyway, since Dorico centers the elements automatically you need to have symbols of the same height.
The only way I can see in this case, is to create the two symbols in a graphic editor. The wiggly line with space below and export the as SVG which can be imported in the Repeatable symbols editor. Or if you can find some Font that have the symbols so that they match.



From Affinity Designer:

You can try these symbols, but will need to set the repeat point. (3.6 KB)


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Jesper, this is fantastic! Thanks a lot.
Sorry, it took a while until I came back to this thread (some urgent work suddenly pushed in)…
I will use your line in my project happily.

Great, it became more complicated than I originally thought.
I wish Dorico could repect the vertical settings and not center everything automatically.