Line inputs on UR44

Am using a UR44 with Cubase 8.0.5. Mike inputs give good results, but I want to plug a rack synth into line inputs 5 and 6, and record an audio file in Cubase. Am not certain how to configure Cubase to accomplish this.

Having the same issue… when I plug my stereo synth into line ins 5 & 6 - how can I select those channels within Cubase 6.5 (the only options are 1/2/3/4)?

Are you using one of the templates or a blank project? You may be able to find them in VST connections in a blank project, sorry I have not got a better answer, just stared recording with this device last night. The templates you will find in the Steinberg Hub may have a choice for all inputs… I was just testing guitar last night, so I did not look at them all.

Okay, got back to the studio, checked, if you use the UR44 Multi-Channel template, after it loads up, go to VST connections, add another input bus, and bingo, there’s 5 and 6. :sunglasses:

you dont have to use the template, but it is nicely laid out, with all the cue mix stuff too. In a blank project, just got to VST connections and add either 6 mono, 4 +2, or whatever you like. :smiley: