"Line of Information" as a pop-up menu in Editor Window

I always edit MIDI notes with the Information Line. However, this gets tiring quickly when I am constantly selecting midi notes and then going all the way up-left to modify different values and then going back all the way to keep selecting more midi notes (specially for Trackball users like me).

I think that if you could add an option for the Information Line to automatically appear after you chose a midi note(s) then this would help a lot.

Here is an example of how this idea could work:

If there is somebody that also would like to see this feature don’t forget to Vote the topic.

That pop-up display would be a useful & time saving feature. It would also be consistent with what they are doing with the Channel Strip in the MixConsole.

Meanwhile, in the current world. When I’m doing a lot of editing using the Info Line I use the back and forward arrow keys on the keyboard to move between Notes and find that is pretty efficient. Don’t recall if that’s the default behavior for the arrow keys.

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