Line Out Volume Control

I have a Steinberg UR44.

I am using the Main Outputs for one set of monitors.

I have added another pair of monitors, and need to control the volume of these speakers independently.

I just hooked them up to one of the sets of line outputs. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to control the volume of this output using the UR44 app.

Is there a way to control the volume of the line output(s), or do I need to do something like use one of the heaphone outs? Controlling the monitor volume using the volume knobs on the backs of the speakers (Yamaha HS5) is just not practical.



I have not found a way yet. My Main out goes to HS7 powered monitors. My second out goes to an amp that feeds 2 non powered speaker sets (JBL & Dual) so I can use the amp for independent volume control of those. I’m hoping to discover a way to control the volume of the second set of outs from inside Cubase also. I could probably do it with external hardware like a small mix board between the UR and the speakers but won’t until I’m certain it can’t be done internally.

You can do this via ‘Control Room’ in Cubase. Though I believe that is only available in full version of Cubase.

What software are you using?

Digital Performer.

You’ll need a separate dedicated amplifier to control the level of your second monitors. Use the Line out 1,2 if you want the same signal on both sets of monitors, otherwise use 3,4 if you want different signals) e.g. using a different EQ plugin on the out bus).
The UR44 was not designed to do specifically what you want, for this kind of functionality you should have chosen the UR28M which accommodates up to three individually controllable pairs of monitors, as well as configurability for 5.1 (even 7.1) surround channel sound systems.

Ya, I have heard that UR28M is a sweet box if you can justify the spend.


When I purchased the UR44, I only had one set of monitors. I knew there were additional outputs, but didn’t realize until I went to use them that there were limitations.

Just a thought, you might try using a loudspeaker switchbox which come in 2 or 4 port versions.
Speaka or Maplin for example

Very unprofessional, Steinberg, I was thinking I am wrong somewhere… :confused: I cant control 3 and 4 outs with the volume knob, are you kidding me overthere !??... :blush: what now, gotta buy a mixer or switchbox or something... how could you be as idiots as you are... my old Tascam FW1884 had 3 stereo outs, and I was able to control them simply with the volume knob, and it is a ten years old model... cant beleive it`s true, realy…