Line placement


Is it possible to get the line inside the staff for exactly the length I want it without having to drag it in Engrave Mode manually?
In this case, I want it to be the same length as above the staff (so the full bar!)

And while on this subject: the lines seem to be just outside of the barlines. Is there an option to ‘sync’ them with the barlines instead of them going over?

For context: the lines are meant for text-cues.


If you create the lines as barline-attached rather than attached at rhythmic positions, you should find that they are precisely the right length. However, I don’t think you can specify that they should be positioned in the staff by default when they are barline-attached (that’s only possible for note-attached lines).

Aha! So if I understand correctly, it’s not (yet) possible to have the ‘inside staff’-lines attached to the barlines?

I do find that the “terminal lines” of horizontal lines such as this one stretch ⅛ space beyond the barlines when attached to the barlines. I don’t know why, or whether there’s a way to fix that other than engrave mode.


I hope I understand what you are looking for. I was able to create a new line with default inside the staff , and when I choose the two icons for start and end to be Attach to barline before applying the newly created line, it gives me what you are asking for.

CleanShot 2024-03-16 at 00.03.40@2x

Dorico example:
line inside staff on barlines.dorico (427.9 KB)

I would like to know how do you use lines for text-cues? (I am trying various methods and am interested to learn more…)

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