Line tool behaves erratically in the Key Editor

I keep having this problem: In the Key editor, when drawing a line to create a gradual velocity change, I can’t get rid of the line. It follows the movements of the mouse and stays in view even when I re-open the editor after leaving it, and the velocity edit can’t be done. What could this be about?

Sorry about this problem. It will be fixed in the next update, which is coming very soon.


Oh, excellent, it’s a known problem, then. I was afraid that my description would be hard to understand without a screen video.

Oh, we moved forward from “soon” to “very soon” … :slight_smile:
But I always get trapped by this and hope for a release on the next day. You know, that you create a lot of disappointment, when you write soon, when it is not soon … :sunglasses:

Especially when next day is a Wednesday (usual day for updates), and incidentally my birthday…


Happy birthday, Marc. Today would have been the day, but unfortunately we discovered a nasty problem at the last minute that we need to fix, so although the update is still coming “very soon”, it’s not going to be today.


Thanks for the heads up! I won’t be checking my phone any more :rofl:

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I wonder if that problem is the one I reported in this topic.

No, it’s not (although we have also fixed that problem).


This is why avoiding announcing a specific release date can be a sensible strategy. :+1: