Line Tool in the Drum Editor not working


Based on the manual:


Allows you to create a series of contiguous events.

I am also trying to use the line tool to draw in a sequence of notes whether in a straight line or diagonally in the drum editor but nothing happens.

It seems since Cubase 6 this is not working.

MIDI Controller events are meant here, by the events.

Did it really work this way in Cubase 5?

The manual is clear about which tool enters notes in he drum editor, but the OP is selectively quoting from the wrong section.

Here is the relevant section: MIDI Editors>Drum Editor Operations>Inserting Note Events

Martin & Steve, Thank you for the clarification.
it wouldn’t hurt in the manual to say “MIDI Controller events” like below:


Allows you to create a series of contiguous MIDI Controller events.

I wish note entry with line tool was available in Score editor & Drum editor.