Line tool - no indication of level changes?

One thing I dislike about Cubase, and maybe its because I’m doing it wrong, but when I draw volume automation in the project page with the line tool, I don’t have any indicator of how many dB I’m raising and lowering. Of course once the nodes are created I can drag them and see exactly the dB levels right next to my mouse (or in the top left of the project page under “value”) but while I draw the initial line with the line tool, no indication at all, so I just have to guess.

Am I just out of luck? This seems like very odd behavior to me, and any advice would be appreciated.

You should have indication when drawing (perhaps you’ve turned bubble text or whatever it’s called off).

automation drawing.jpg

When I use the pencil tool (as in your picture) I do have the pop up indicator (which I forgot to mention in my original post). Its when I use the line tool that this display doesn’t ever show up.

I guess the solution is to stop using the line tool. :neutral_face:

Line tool sorry,
Yes I have to agree. Not even in the editor.

Yeah, that’s a pity because it’s important to know the dB level. However, I sometimes snip and crossfade instead then I can see and adjust the dB level of the events using the info line.


Is there an official channel for feature requests like this?

Only posting in the feature request sub forum as opposed to here in the general :wink:

I haven’t tested this in C7 yet, but in C6.5 you could use the info line to do this.

Select the audio you want to change the volume of, then change its value in the field called something like “volume” or “dB”. You know exactly how much the volume in the selection is changing, in dB, from the info line readout.

I will often smooth out the vocal volume pre-compressor this way: cut the vocal line at places, and then in each cut piece adjust the volume as above. I gave up on the pencil tool because I couldn’t draw well :slight_smile: , it was taking years longer than the quit cut/adjust volume (I assigned key commands to volume up/down).