Line tool pup up menu

I am unable to access the line tool pop up menu. The manual says:

“To activate the Line tool in any other available mode, click the Line tool and click again to open a pop-up menu where you can select the Line tool mode.”

This does not work. When I click on the tool, the toolbar goes away the moment I release the mouse button. I can get the menu to re-appear with a right click, but it’s impossible to click on the line tool again, because releasing the mouse causes the toolbar to disappear.

I’ve tried left-clicking on the tool while holding down the right mouse button. That works with the time-stretch tool but not with the line tool.

How can I access that menu?


You are using the right-click menu toolbox, right? We have discussed this here on the forum few weeks ago. Please, search the forum.

Actually your post here is a Duplicate of the other one, where did I explain it.