Line tool quantize not giving expected result in Key Editor

I was trying the line tool to make a quick drum part and it didn’t work the way I thought it was supposed to. I had snap to grid selected and the quantize value to quarter note and yet it drew sixteenth notes. I changed the quantize value to half notes and it still drew sixteenth notes. Am I missing something here?

This is because it uses the Length Quantize setting and not the Quantize preset.
If you want it to follow the Quantize value you need to set it to Quantize Link.
My guess is that it is set to 1/16, hence your results.

The Quantize value is only used to snap where you start drawing from, when Snap is enabled.
If you set it to 1/4 you can only start drawing from 1/4 increments, likewise if you set it to 1/1 you can only start drawing from the start of a bar.

Allows you to set a value for quantizing event lengths.

Drawing Note Events with the Line Tool
If Snap is activated, the note events and controller events are positioned and sized according to the Quantize and Length Quantize values.

In short :

  • Quantize Preset is only for snapping the notes to the Grid.
  • Length Quantize is used to set the notes length.
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Thanks for the explanation. That was definitely the issue.

But I understand what you mean. Take a look at this image :

With Quantize set to 1/4 and Length set to 1/16, the expected behavior would be the second line in blue.

However it only uses Quantize for the first note and not for each individual note, which is quite problematic for programming drums (or whatever instrument in fact).
And actually I have no clue on how to do this without having to input the notes one by one. This looks like a design flaw to me. If I want to make a line like the top one, I just select Quantize Link in the Length field, and use the Quantize preset instead. Very bizarre they did not implement that.

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For that you should use either the Drum Editor, or the Paint mode of the Line tool, which behaves similarly to the Drumstick tool.