Line-wrapping in tempo marks

Has Dorico developed a way for tempo markings not to project into the margin, but rather be stacked? e.g.:
non troppo
(q = 116)

I see from an old posting that the answer was no in 2018, but hoped that perhaps there had been some progress since. Or has someone come up with a work-around?

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not yet

The workaround, if you really need it, is to hide the actual tempo markings and input them as “dumb” text, mimicking the formatting and perhaps using MusGlyphs for the metronome marking. But then, either it’s System Text and all layouts in the project will have the same formatting still, or it’s Staff Text on every staff, which you need to hide in the full score. For now it’s a lot easier to adjust the casting-off to avoid the problem in the first place, and hope for a future update which makes this possible natively.

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