Lineair use of Beat Designer without converting to MIDI

Is it possible to assign a Beat Designer pattern to a certain number of bars in the project window, without having to convert the pattern to MIDI so I can change the pattern later on?


Say who?

Been covered, ad nauseam. What section of the Plugins Manual didn’t you understand?

I guess I should use the triggering patterns option of Beat designer.

Now the pattern plays always during transport.
With triggering patterns you can determine when to start a pattern.

How do you stop a pattern?

Or that it does not start at the beginning in the first place.

Use MIDI inputs to determine what pattern plays (I think that’s how it works) or do what I do, and drag them out.

To stop the thing playing all the time, put it on an empty pattern.

You’d stop a pattern by activating another pattern, an empty one if you wanted silence. Or start with an empty pattern, to lead in.

Use the “now” tab in beat designer to activate a pattern in realtime, otherwise it will finish up current measure before activating the next pattern, if you added/applied midi data that isnt on the grid or in time. For example if you wanted to “stutter” a pattern, so it only plays the first part of the pattern.

This is common sense but ive seen alot of people make things harder for themselves, by using the Key Editor, just because its the default editor. Use the Drum Editor for better and simpler results when it comes to drums and pattern triggering! Create a key command for it! Also disable the “play” tab in the editor so it doesnt play a “note”, ontop of changing the “pattern”. That can cause confusing random notes to be triggered.

You may have known this…idk, just trying to help :slight_smile:

Programming patterns in linear form is exactly how I do it. I find it the most flexible! Beat Designer and the Drum Editor are a perfect marriage!

1, Create patterns in Beat Designer, 2, draw a midi event on the track being used, 3, enter the Drum Editor, 4, draw in pattern changes as notes, 5, bounce when finished…

Thank you LeVzi and SirJoseph. That was very helpfull. Now I do understand.

However I have one remaining problem.
I have two beat designer patterns in two different projects which I want to merge in one project.

How can I integrate these two patterns?

Sadly, manually. Im not even sure you can copy a pattern from one instance of Beat Designer, to another, in the same project! I could be wrong, I vaguely remember trying in Cubase 5 (early 5 too).

The easiest way I would think, would be to take a screen shot of the patterns, then just draw it onto the other patterns, in the other project. Or drag the patterns to the Project Window, export the midi event, import it into the other project, then, empty Beat Designer to the Project Window, and “glue” the two events on top of one another, combining them, then disabling Beat Designer so it doesnt play both the MIDI event and BD simultaneously.

An option to “export” the data as a Beat Designer.file would be AWESOME! And allow them to be “combined” or “stacked” WITHOUT REPLACING current data upon import, if there is current data upon import. This would be lovely.

Also, how about making the horizontal scroll bar slightly larger so its not a p.i.t.a. to grab, and get over to the far right when working with longer runs such as 64 (the max). Maybe make it so we can expand Beat Designer to the full 64, eliminating the lame scroll bar all together when sized to 64. Why it stops JUST SHORT is beyond me. VERY IRRITATING to say the least. I end up drawing data, when I only want to view the rest of the pattern! It seems like you have to grab it ABOVE the scroll bar too, which makes it even more fun to use…not. THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED.

Is there no preset saving in Beat designer? :confused:

Yeah, BD has a saving preset function, but no combining or stacking. If you were to load the preset, it would replace the current data on all 48 patterns (theres NO UNDO). You can only save it as a whole “pattern bank” (48 patterns). The op wants to blend two SEPARATE “patterns”, from different instances of BD, into one. As I stated, this must be done manually.

Allowing to save EACH INDIVIDUAL pattern would be nice, dont you think? Add the stack or combine feature to that, plus an UNDO feature (even if its only 1 move) and it should be COMPLETE all around… :smiley:

Ah right, fair point

Thank you guys.
I’ve transferred the pattern manually.