Linear Crossfade in Wavelab 12 Elements

This is about Wavelab 12 Elements - Not montage but linear editing of an audio file.
I have a single audio file and I want to take out a small bit of audio (Usually, I select the section to remove and hit [Del]). However, I want to make the join smoother than a simple cut so I want to have a controllable crossfade at the join.
Is that possible?
If so, how, please?

Yes and no. In WaveLab Elements 12, you can make a crossfade as you mentioned, by activating the following option. But the length of this crossfade is not customizable (unlike in WaveLab Pro).


Thank you PGI
But can I set the default duration? (I can’t afford Pro).

No, sorry.
But if you need cross-fade editing flexibility, your solution is to use the audio montage. There you can move the right clip for more or less overlap.