Linear- Musical- timebase Switching Button not working

Hello everyone,
Cubase Pro 12.0.52 / MAC here.
I’m experiencing for the first time a really weird problem. A few of my midi tracks (among a template of 300 tracks) won’t switch to music mode, the buttons are stuck in linear mode, and when I click on them they simply don’t switch themself. There’s nothing special or different about these few not working midi tracks, so I can’t understand why it’s happening. What am I missing?
Thanks everyone for helping me.

After more testing, I’ve found out that also the music-mode tracks won’t work properly, they behave like they are in linear mode.


I guess you are not talking about the Musical Mode, but you are talking about the Musical Timebase, right?

Please update your Cubase to the latest version 12.0.60.

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Thank you Martin for your help, Cubase just updated, and yes (sorry my mistake) I was referring to Musical Timebase.
It turns out the problem happens with that one specific project only. I tried to replicate it with a new empty project and everything’s working fine, no issue at all.
Could that project be somehow corrupt?


Try to use the Backup Project function to make a new project out of it, please.

I tried but it doesn’t solve, still corrupt.

Would it be worth trying to import the tracks to a new project?


I’ll try, thanks!

Can you post a screenshot showing the Inspector of one of the problem Tracks.

Sure, here it is.
If I create any other midi tracks with the very same settings as this one, the “musical-linear” button starts switching again, but any tempo (ramp) changes are followed but a weird-random repositioning of the midi notes. Again, all of this happens only in this specific project.
If I create a new project from the same template, everything works fine as always.

I’d be prone to chalking it up to a corrupted Project file.

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Unfortunately, yes, It really looks corrupted. I’m just importing track by track into a new project. Anyway, thanks everyone for your help and support, much appreciated.