Linear view to page view crashes layout

In thew pic you can see the strange positioning from bar 16-20 inside bar 15. This happened when I switched back from Linear view to page view…

Does anyone know why?

Best regrads

There’s no pic attached at present.

sorry…forgot it

Maybe someone else has an idea, but I don’t think there’s enough info to diagnose this. It would be better if you could attach the project here.

My best guess is that at some point you adjusted the Staff Spacing manually, then the casting off (or the presence of a staff) changed. If you switch to Engrave mode, select anything on that page and go Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Selected Frame, does that fix it?

Thank you, after deleting the bars it worked well, than I resetd the frames…
But some really strange things happen here. This is not an XML import…

What happened to bar 16 and 17?

And how do I get the “TO” away there and, sorry how can I force Dorico just to use the same name for a player, though he’s changing the instruments… here they are just 2 groups of people ,There is no “4”

The bar before 16 is an 7/8

Re the time signatures, it looks as though you’ve attempted to insert a 3/4 somewhere by grabbing a 3/4 from the right panel and clicking it somewhere on the score, somewhat inaccurately. Select and delete the time signatures, then put the caret where you want the 3/4, then click the 3/4 in the right panel (or type Shift-M 3/4 Enter). If you’ve ended up with the wrong number of beats, note that generally turning on Insert mode before adding time signatures will enable Dorico to put the correct number of beats in each bar. Alternatively you can add or remove beats using the caret and then the Shift-B popover, e.g. if you wanted to add a quarter/crotchet you’d need to place the caret and type Shift-B 1q Enter.

Re the “To” prefixes, it looks as though you’re using a solo player holding multiple instruments. If this is a group of singers then why not use a section player and Divisi functionality? If you want to persevere with this method, yes, you can adjust the Instrument Change Labels from the Engrave mode properties panel. There’s a custom text field for the instrument name itself, and there’s a Hide Prefix option.

For more specific advice I suspect we’ll need to see the actual project rather than screenshots - I think I’ve understood the problems correctly but you’re really not giving us much to go on.

Thank you…that doesn’t seem to work, after the 7/8 I inserted two bars for breaks for the groups. The break that was shown was a halfbar break…I select the pause, and than return for the caret which was shown in the beginning of the bar. Than inserting 3/ and the result was again the one from the picture.
But I deleted these bars and and inserted 2 after the first 3/4… than copied the first one and deleted it… now it works.

The choir groups are shouting and doing rhythmic noises which I want to notate in a percussion system. The sung parts in a Violin system. Am in the train wright now and will post the project later.

Isi ist not possible to show the name of the player all the time which I can customize?

PDS they are actors , not musicians :slight_smile:

I sent the project to you.