Linearly or randomly vary the CC11 with the logic editor and/or input transformer

I would like to know if there is a way to vary the CC11 for each note in a linear or random way using the logic editor and/or the input transformer?
That is to say, for each note, from the note on event to the off note, I would like to be able to automatically enter the CC11 without having to write it with the pencil in the controller track.
I tried this command in;

Upper section…
Property___Property is set___Event is selected

Lower section…
Type___Set to fixed value___Controller
Value 1___Set to fixed value___11 (i.e. “expression”)
Value 2___Set to fixed value___127 -> replace by random from 80 to 100
Function = “Insert”

But it does not achieve the expected result.

Is it possible to do this by programming the automation;
-set a fixed value, a range of rising or falling values to all notes, without having to do it note by note?

Thank you in advance for your answers which will be of great help to me