Lines appear on a different position

I was very excited about the lines feature.
But now I can’t make them show up, where I positioned them.
See Screenshot. I marked those two bars where you can see the rest signs. I tried everything else as well. Notes, slashes, etc.
The line shows up two bars before.
I tried to remove the repeat sign also. No difference.

What am I doing wrong.

Best Regards


Select the bracket in Engrave mode. What does the properties panel show? It looks to me like you’ve (inadvertently) dragged the bracket, meaning it’ll now have a Start Offset and End Offset. If so, turn off those switches.

Unfortunately horizontal lines are sometimes positioned incorrectly in Galley View (see You’ll find that it’s drawn at the correct position in Page view.

Thank you. It is a two bar line. It looks correct in the engrave mode. Not in write mode. Neither in Gallery, nor in the part.
See Screenshot.
The properties are unchanged.

I was a bit inaccurate in the other thread, you can’t create a line longer than 4 bar in galley view, but the bug can happen with shorter lines too, in your case the end of the line is positioned before the start of it (that’s why the dotted attachment lines that show the correct positions cross each other).

Engrave mode is always in page view so you will never see the manifestation of the bug there. In write mode you have to switch to page view to see the line at the correct position.

OK. Thank you. I used shorter lines before and had the same issue.
I keep on working around until it is fixed.