lines attached to system

thanks a lot for the 3.1 Update.
Just playing around with the new lines tool. Two observations:
1.: when I attach a line to the system (using alt + line), I can’t change the position of the line, either by dragging the handles or using the key commands.
2.: I entered the text “Burg” (with Double Quotation Marks) into the properties of the the line. After saving the file, restarting Dorico and reopening the file, the Quotations Marks disappeared.

Try using smart quotation marks, i.e. “ and ” instead of " and hopefully you’ll find those are not removed. Changing the length of a system-attached line is tricky because there is nothing suitable for it to attach to, but hopefully we’ll be able to improve this in future all the same.

Thanks, Daniel, smart quotation marks work fine.

Some more observations concerning system attached lines:

  1. I thought, they would behave like other system attached line, e.g. ritardando. At least they have got these big read and round handles in write mode, which will lead you to the assumption, that they could be moved.
  2. Is there any way to tell, that you’ve got a normal line or a system attached line other than to look through different layouts and check? A read out in the status bar would be helpful! (Or another colour for system objects like in the other program …)
  3. System attached lines have got some placement errors, as you can see in the attached pictures.

We’ll look into adding the information that a line is system-attached to the status bar read-out.

I wasn’t able to reproduce the positioning problem. Could you attach the project where it is happening (or send it via email)?

Hi András, here is the relevant bit of the piece.
If you want to have a look at the whole piece, it could send it to you. (577 KB)

Thank you. It seems that both the second ‘rit.’ and ‘a tempo’ have a start offset of y = -2, that’s why they collide with the line.

Sorry, completly forgot about that! Before I entered the system line, I was faking the lines with playing techniques with a continuation line and made some changes to the position of the tempo elements. Thanks, András, all is well now!

Thanks for making system attached lines movable!

This would still be great!


I have the same problem with a system line that can be moved in some parts (full score, violin 2 and piano) but not in other parts (violin 1, viola, cello, doublebass)…

Could you help please ?
(If I use dotted lines instead of “rit…” it’s because I don’t want “rit” or the lines to affect the tempo)

Thanks for your time

No need to do that. Just use the property suppress playback and playback will not be affected.


That sure is much better :slight_smile: Thanks!