Lines not showing up in print

I have lines that I’m using to indicate an extended technique. They show up in write mode, but not in print. How do I fix that, and how can I get rid of the rests, but still have the lines show up? Thanks.

EDIT: They are showing up in galley view only and not page view either.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 2.30.45 PM

Unfortunately, horizontal lines aren’t shown on condensed staves at the moment.

Ok, thank you. Is there a way to hide the rests behind the lines?

If you hide them in the proper way, by removing them using Edit > Remove Rests, then you will find that the bars no longer occupy the appropriate amount of rhythmic space in the parts, so I would suggest that you select the bar rests you want to hide, activate the Force position and duration property, then use the Custom scale property to 1%.

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Thank you! Thant works great.