Lines panel not performing correctly in Dorico 5

The lines panel in write mode not showing expected behaviour when inputting lines over a selection of notes. Instead of inserting the line over the notes when I click on the line I want in the panel, it loads it onto the mouse and I have to place it manually and the have to manually adjust to the correct length in engrave mode. I have been tinkering with the computer lately with windows 10 and wonder whether I have altered something to change the behaviour of the lines panel. Any thoughts appreciated.

Hi Andrew – I have read this over a couple of times and I think I understand what’s happening. When you click in the panel first to load the cursor and then click in the score, Dorico gives you only the length to the next note.

The idea is to select the desired passage first, and then click the line in the panel: that way you get the correct length. Either way, don’t use engrave mode to change the length. Shift-Alt-arrows will change it by the rhythmic grid, or you can drag the endpoint in write mode.

Also note the attachment settings (noteheads, barlines, rhythmic positions) in the panel before you insert the line.

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Hi Mark

Thanks for your reply but I do select the passage first. I have dorico on an Ipad and it works fine on that.

There’s a preference for whether items get input directly or get loaded onto the mouse pointer.


Yes thats successful. I must have altered the settings for a project and forgotten about it. I’ll have to see if I can find a way to quickly change between the two states. Many thanks to all for your help.