Lining up hyphens vertically between lines?

A Sibelius user asked me if it’s possible to align the hyphens between the lyrics vertically automatically. He was doing this manually which costs him a lot of time, he told me.
It was the first time I ever heard about this and looked into this, and I could not find a way to let Sibelius do this. Now, wondering if Dorico can do this, I engraved a system of the music he send me and tried it out and cannot find a way in Dorico for this either. So, just wondering: is this something that is really asked for? I never heard about the need to align up hyphens.

The first screenshot if the Dorico engraving, the second is how the person aligned them manually in Sibelius.
Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 07.55.35.png

Dorico is correct. They differ depending on number of letters in the lyric, hence space.
Lining them up makes the verses more difficult to distinguish from each other.
That and the lyric centring makes the second example quite messy.

I agree, like I said, I never heard about this practise of lining up the hyphens. Thanks.

The second example with hyphens all lined up looks unusual to me. Does he have examples of this sort of thing in published scores I wonder?