Link a Knob with two or more parameter

I know, that this might be an easy question (or not?), but is it possible to link a knob to several parameters e.g. the pitch on multiple zones without using quick control knobs and how it is done?

My other question is, if it is possible to define the range of this knob?



As nobody has found a simple way yet, i think i can answer my own question:

I think it is not possible in a direct way. Using a simple Lua-Script is the best solution, linking the Knob with the (in the script) exported variable/parameter.

pleas exchange the text in or with real text:


function on_()
– just an example change the octave of osc1 and osc2 to the value you want
– it is even possible to change it in different zones, but you have to create another myzone2 value (see above)
myzone:setParameter(“Osc 1.Octave”, )
myzone:setParameter(“Osc 2.Octave”, )
myzone2:setParameter(“Osc 1.Octave”, )

  • in this example replace min=3 and max=3

Hi Claus.

It is possible to link the same parameter of several zones to a single knob by changing the scope from:
@0:Zone 1/@id:…

However if you want to customize the behaviour of the parameter, then yes, scripting is the way to go.

Good to know!

You’re the real MVP!

This is quite old thread but I have a similar problem. When I want to connect a knob or a button to let say Audio Warp speed or any parameter in modulation matrix, Macro Designer connects that knob only to a single wave file I have inside a layer. I have hundreds of samples inside my layer and it seems I’m able to assign controller to only one.

Is there a way to make it work in Macro Designer ?