Link Channels: Inverted pan mode

I’d like to see this feature in Cubase 10.5:

Link two channels and select Pan ‘invert mode’, so if you set one of them at 75L the other one will be set at 75R

If you want to break the symmetry at any point just press ALT while moving the Pan, as we currently do when linking faders



One approach to doing that now, if you are using Pro.

Link the 2 Tracks so they pan together to the same positions.

Route one of the Tracks to a Group Channel

On the Group Channel set it to Combined Stereo Panner and put the right edge of the panner all the way to the left and the left edge all the way to the right. This will flip the panning on whatever is routed through the Group.

Now the panning on the 2 Tracks should mirror each other left & right.

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Noted, thanks. :sunglasses: