Link dynamics vertically

Just watching John Barron’s wonderful Discover Dorico video on how to input Mahler 1, lots of great tricks in there!

While watching, something just occurred to me: for the Link/Group Dynamics commands, would it be useful if the commands in the contextual menu said something like this?

“Group Dynamics (horizontally)”
“Link Dynamics (vertically)”

Then users (especially new users) wouldn’t have to remember which one was which.


Great idea!!

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I’ll second (third) that. I still keep on getting them mixed up!

Sorry for dragging up a 10 month old thread, but thought it better than starting a new one on the same topic.

As another relatively new user I would also find this useful, I feel that the language is not clear at the moment.

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(181) Entering a Symphony | Discover Dorico - YouTube

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John Barron @John_at_Steinberg itself explicates somwere in a video a nice way to remember witch is witch:
"think Linking as a loooong vertical L ":slight_smile: This helped me a lot with remembering it.


FWIW, Here’s how I remember “link” vs “grouped” dynamics. Linked dynamics are vertical, much like if you held a linked chain the links (and chain) would fall vertically down.