Link Editors question / problem

Hi friends, I need your help. In Cubase 6, I really like the Link Editors functionality but I have a problem.

I usually tile the main project window with a Midi Editor Window so when I click on a different midi track, I see the Midi Editor changing accordingly to this track. But each time I do so, the midi editor windows is back to bar 1.

Midi track 1, the cursor is at bar 100 in Midi Editor. Then I select Midi track 2 in the project Window, so Midi Editor now show Midi track 2 but is back to the beginning, at bar 1!

I need to keep the view at cursor location in Midi Editor each time I select a different midi track in the main project window.

Is it possible?

Have you turned off the “Auto Scroll” function? The project window and editor windows each have independent auto scroll buttons. The manual, on page 380 discusses it but doesn’t explain the behavior in detail. If you do have it off, try turning it on and then change the track and see if it stays syncronized.

Yes I tried that but it doesn’t help…same behaviour…

This has been reported before where opening an editor doesn’t reflect the project cursor location but defaults to bar 1 so you’re not alone. Might want to check the Sticky at the top of the forum to see if it’s been officially noted.

I added a post in the 6.0.3 pre-announcement thread hoping that it may be fixed in the next update.

Yes, this is certainly most needed :wink:
I do have a “partial” solution, in the meantime… I say “partial”, because it is a macro, which doesn’t always work first time, so, here at least, I have to call it maybe three times before it works correctly (I suspect the macro could really make use of a “Wait” command… but there isn’t one, unfortunately).
The idea behind it is that, once you have selected the new Part, if you close then re-open the Key Editor, it should now open with the cursor position in view (yes, indeed, “Autoscroll” should also be activated for this :wink: )
New Macro (I called it “Locate Cursor”, here)
Edit - Open Key Editor
Edit - Open/Close Editor
Edit - Open Key Editor

Add a Key Command of your choice, to call the macro.

Like I said, I have to call the macro maybe three times before the Key Editor window will stay open :frowning:

(Bo, if you are there, anything to get this to work more reliably? :wink: )

You can put useless commands in the macro as waits, like a couple of Stop’s or such.

Good idea… anything other than “Stop” spring to mind though (just in case we want Cubase to keep playing)?
Anyways, I’ll just add some stops, in the meantime, see if it does help :wink: )
(EDIT: Maybe I can create a useless LE preset to include, instead of “Stop”)

Select Next then Select Previous or Nav Right then Left may do it, Vic.

Great… I got one that works (sledgehammer to squash a flea, though! :stuck_out_tongue: )
There’s probably a neater way, but, if you have the patience to create the following, I’d be really interested if it works for you too :slight_smile:

First, create this Logical Editor Preset…
And then create the following macro…

Edit - Open/Close Editor
Process Logical Preset - Useless
Edit - Open Key Editor
Edit - Open/Close Editor
Process Logical Preset - Useless
Edit - Open Key Editor

As you can see, even then I had to make it repeat within the macro (there must be a better way, surely?)

Anyways, it seems to work much better now…
Select the new Part (the Key Editor jumps to the beginning, like we know and hate :stuck_out_tongue: )
Use the KC for this macro, and the cursor position is restored. :slight_smile:

Btw, this macro can also be used to simply open the Key Editor.

Put a few of the LE presets in a row instead of just one. :wink:

I tried that (on the way to where I eventually ended up! :smiley: )

Well, at least it’s a one-step process, now. I wonder if alternating a different useless LE preset would do the trick or even putting a couple of Nav Right and Lefts in there.

Well, I don’t know if the important thing is the effective waiting time, or the fact of opening and closing the Editor window a couple of times. (I might try a few things when there’s absolutely nothing worth watching on TV :stuck_out_tongue: )

Nice one vic, this had been bugging me for ages.

(are you confirming that it works for you too? :slight_smile: )

Yes, it works great… :smiley:

An easier macro would be:

  1. Open Key Editor (in order to bring it to the front)
  2. Deactivate autoscroll
  3. Activate autoscroll

If you already have the key editor up front you can also double-hit F and the display will jump to the cursor’s position.

That is so much more elegant! Thanks, parnasso :slight_smile:

(slight observation: “Autoscroll” is a toggle, so it depends upon its current state before calling the macro. But, no harm done… because the macro calls it twice, it returns to the state it was in before calling the macro)

I’m glad to be able to help you at least once, usually it’s the other way round :slight_smile:

Thank you for your great presence here, I’ve learnt a lot from you. Much appreciated!