LINK GROUP Equal Power Mode

:bulb: It would be nice to have a feature of channel linking with equal power/gain mode in Cubase.

With this feature you could:

  • mix a desirable combination of a few samples (e.g. when layering drums)
  • easily blend D.I. and amped bass guitar
  • change a character of a snare by combining top and bottom mics
  • make a parallel compression (equalization, saturation, reverberation β€” who cares :wink: )
  • when using stem-mixing: find a right balance between dry and wet tracks

… and all of this without changing a summary loudness! :sunglasses:

I suggest such a feature to be made not only for 2 tracks: it would be great to have an option to blend β€˜all those huge amount of mics on a single drum’. In this case, by moving one fader, the others change proportionally.

There is still a much of analytics left for Steinberg to implement the feature. But I think, it worth that.
So guys, please tell what you think about it.