Link Group options

Is there a way to turn Link Groups on and off ? I have been looking for a list of groups , like Protools or Logic , but cant find one .? cant even find a on off button

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.21.47

I have found a drop down per channel , but no suspend function…
Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 11.26.25

Maybe use a VCA fader. There it is more flexible to link/unlink

You can also use ALT+mouse to temporarily override the link functionality on individual channels, if that’s what you want (it was ALT, was it? Someone correct me if I’m talking nonsense :wink: not in front of Cubase right now).

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Yes, Alt

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Also, there is the “Suspend all channel linking” button in the mix console toolbar (“sus”), but that is globally, not per group.

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Epic thx

Also, just a tip you if you don’t know about it already, get to know the “QuickLink” function. I rarely use Link Groups at all because QuickLink is so fast and flexible.

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so I use Option + Shift (Mac) all the time its a great function . was only going to Link track when I alway want them to match . 5.1 panning mainly :slight_smile: