Link IR Reverence

Hi everyone,

I am trying to link the Impulse Responses to Reverence unsuccessfully. The impulses are in a partitioned external HD, named “FX1” and the path is FX1:IR shared reverb files:…

I scanned the FX1 hard drive on Media Bay as a Volume Database.

The issue is that I still need to load the IRs everytime I right click on a sound object that Reverence was applied to. And the IRs that Nuendo is asking me to locate, are different of what I actually used.

For example, in the attached screenshot you can see that Nuendo is asking me to locate “Domestic - Bedroom 1” and in Reverence the “Gas holder” IR is loaded. I haven’t used neither the Bedroom or the Gas holder IR. It’s actually the “ND 1” and the “Warm Wooden Church A”


I don’t know what I might be doing wrong here, please can you help me fix this?

Thank you so much for your time and help!