Link macro page knob to layer with several zones

Hi guys,

I want to link a knob on my macro page to the cutoff parameter of two zones that are contained in one single LAYER (one synth, one sample). So I right-click the cutoff parameter on the LAYER EDIT page and choose “Connect to Macro Page”.

But when right-clicking a knob on the macro page I can only choose “Connect to Synth Zone.Filter.Cutoff”, which is the cutoff parameter of the first zone within that layer (not the layer cutoff itself). When I have more zones in that layer I still can only select the cutoff of the very first contained zone. When moving the knob only the first cutoff parameter is affected, all other zones are ignored.

How can I connect a layer parameter with a knob on the macro page, so that all contained zones are affected?

Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-22 um 11.48.23.png
Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-22 um 11.46.34.png

Hi Marco.

Layer itself doesn’t have a filter cutoff.
But it is possible to achieve what you want by connecting the parameter of one zone and then changing the scope.

Ah, hell yes, I did that once but totally forgot :confused: