Link midi tracks in arrange page for easy solo / muting?

I’m trying to link a few midi tracks together so I can easily solo & mute a group. Is there a function similar to the q-link in the mixer but for the arrange page / midi tracks? I do not wish to put these midi tracks in a folder, as I have my folder structure set to instruments. I use many different midi tracks for a specific instrument, for example all my Violin 1, Violin 2, Violas, etc are each in their own folders, but I cannot figure out a way to quickly mute or solo only specific sounds, say just the VSL violin 1, violin 2 & Viola.

Right now I have to manually scroll through a couple dozen tracks and solo each one. Then if I unsolo them using the “deactivate All solo states” button, I have to then manually select them individually all over if I want to solo them. It becomes very tedious.

Anyone have any advice? In logic it was easy to set tracks to a group and then when I solo’d or muted one track from the group, they all were solo’d or muted. Does something like this exist in Cubase for midi tracks?


Q-Link works also in the Project window. Hold down the Alt + Shift modifier, and press the Mute button.

If you want to make a “stable” groups, use Linking function. If you need to do this dynamically, Q-Link is the way.

Thank you for your reply Martin!

Alt+Shift is great when I already have all the tracks selected, however I do want to make “stable” groups so I can quickly mute or solo one of the midi tracks, and it solos all of them. I tried searching the key commands under “link” and could only find them for the Mixer -> Link Channels, which doesn’t appear to work on midi tracks in the arrange page.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.


You can prepare your Link settings (in fact multiple Links) in the MixConsole, and then trigger it in the Project window.

Thank you for further explaining this. I actually had turned off the visibility of midi tracks in my mixer, as it didn’t make sense to me since midi tracks on their own do not produce sound, so why have them in my mix console? Now I finally have a use for them. :slight_smile: Thank you! I must admit its a shame you can only create links in the mixer. It would be great if you could also create them in the arrange alone, but oh well…

Also while I’m here, is it possible in the mixer to have the metering only react to note messages? Right now it also reacts to midi CC, which is a bit odd to me since midi CC’s do not make sound (usually).

And finally I’d love to be able to toggle this grouping as necessary. In Logic there is a “toggle group” command that simply turns the group on and off. I attempted to use the “unlink channels” key command as a toggle but this instead completely cleared and deleted the group. Is there a way to actually turn on and off groups? I know I can temporarily bypass the group by using the alt key modifier, but I KNOW I’m going to screw up and forget to use this and it will instead change the entire group. With Solo/Mute its not a big deal, but if I start messing with volume or other mixing related group settings I can easily mess-up my entire mix!

Ideally I could toggle my groups off as a normal function, and then when I need them, turn toggle on. This to me would be much better than having to remember to use alt modifiers for individual tracks. Is this possible?


Another one idea, with the visibility… You can prepare your own Visibility sets. Then you can call the visibility set, select all Channels, and Solo/Mute with the Q-Link.