Link open Vsti GUI to selected Track



Come on Steinberg, make this happen. Please, no more obscure beat mapping features added before this absolutely essential workflow item is implemented. Consider it your contribution to the fight against carpal tunnel!

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I’ll literally +1 this every day if I have to.

Has this been implemented yet?

Is there a place on this forum where users can upvote feature requests like the folks at Presonus allow? EDIT: I see you can vote on the feature up at the top of the page.

Or are all these +1s the unofficial mechanism for determining popularity of a request?

Also, I’m new here and wouldn’t know, but has Steinberg ever stated that popularity is how they determine what features to implement?

You have to use Vote button and Steinberg is concerned with voting and adds features, accordingly

Please guys, You should use the Vote button up at the top of the page instead of >>> 1+